Patrick Dow (President and Spring Tour Manager)

Hometown: London, UK

Major: Music (Voice)

Clef superlative: Most British


Alec Selnes (Treasurer)

Hometown: Fargo, North Dakota

Major: Business

Clef Superlative: Clef Grandpa

Johnny Conheeney (Publicity Manager, Fall Tour Manager)

Hometown: Ridgewood, New Jersey

Major: Environmental Studies (Entrepreneurship Minor)

Clef Superlative: Fun Provider


Jabril Rice (Concert Manager, Spring Tour Manager)

Hometown: Greensboro, NC

Major: Economics (Entrepreneurship Minor)

Clef Superlative: 2nd Most Dramatic


Eric Long (Music Director)

Hometown: Burlington, NC

Major: Economics

Clef Superlative: Most likely to be watching a Celtics game


Wesley Price 

Hometown: Washington D.C.

Major: Biology (Political Science Minor)

Clef Superlative: Most likely to cure cancer while also running for President


Jordon Reynolds (Business Manager)

Hometown: Stirling, New Jersey

Major: Undecided

Clef Superlative: Loudest Clef (human) of all time



Silas Nuernberger (Webmaster)

Hometown: Durham, NC

Major: Journalism (Public Policy and Music Minor)

Clef Superlative: Best FIFA player

Bram Raets (Publicity Manager, Fall Tour Manager)

Hometown: Chapel Hill, NC

Major: Business

Clef Superlative:  Longest Clef


Eddie Sanders 

Hometown: Cary, NC

Major: Undecided

Clef Superlative: Most dramatic Clef

Chris Keesor

Hometown: Pittsboro, NC

Major: Pre-Business

Clef Superlative: Most likely to beat-box at inappropriate times


Manuel Miranda

Hometown: Burlington, NC

Major: Undecided

Clef Superlative: Littlest Clef

Vinay Kathard

Hometown: Chapel Hill, NC

Major: Biochemistry

Clef Superlative: Quietest Clef


Paul Miller

Hometown: Snow Hill, NC

Major: Undecided

Clef Superlative: Most Yee-Haw