Chris Burrus

As Chris slowly wades into the deep end of college, also known as senior year, he looks forward to one more bout with the Clefs. As President, Chris has started to recognize a slight depletion in his blonde hair through the stress of the position. Fortunately, Chris can rely on the absolute certainty of a stable income as a Music and Creative Writing student to quiet his mind. Regardless, Chris knows he will have the support of his family back in Nashville as well as the friends that he has through the group and UNC.

Major: Vocal Performance (Minors in Entrepreneurship, Creative Writing)

Clef superlative: Most likely to text you about the Clefs


Matt Goldman (Music Director)

Born and raised on Long Island, NY, Matt has brought his mix of Northern charm and Southern efficiency to the Clefs for the past 3 years. After his life peaked on April 3rd, 2017, he is exceedingly more aware of his upcoming nosedive into the real world, and hopes to salvage the remainder of his college career in any way possible. Matt is honored to be the group’s newest Music Director, and he hopes to follow in the footsteps of his predecessors and continue to raise the standard of the group.

Major: Music (Minor in Arts Entrepreneurship)

Clef superlative: DMGS  


Evan Kitchen (Supplies Manager)

Evan, better known to the group as Kitch, is recognized by his love of all things outdoors, as well as all things construction. You can almost always find him building benches and tables or fixing something at somebody’s house. His efforts in school are to prepare him to take his skills with tools into the world of dentistry. Outside of the classroom, you’ll find Evan at the lake, either reeling in a lunker, or towing his friends around on the wakeboard.

Major: Exercise and Sports Science (Minor in Chemistry, Biology)

Clef superlative: Clef dad and handyman


Johnny Conheeney (Publicity Manager)

Johnny was born and raised in Ridgewood, New Jersey. Contrary to popular belief, Johnny only spends some of his free time like a Jersey Shore character. Besides singing, Johnny loves to be with his family, hike, travel, and workout. Johnny loves all types of music and is mostly inspired by artists like Bon Iver, Ed Sheeran and The Lumineers. Although saving the polar bears is on top of his to-do list, Johnny currently works as the Publicity Director and Tour Manager for the Clefs.

Major: Environmental Studies (Minor in Entrepreneurship)

Clef superlative: Fun provider


Robert DeGolian

Robert came to Chapel Hill from The Westminster Schools in Atlanta, GA. When he is not singing with the Clefs, Robert can be found planning social events for his fraternity, Phi Delta Theta, attending Greek Life worship sessions or playing intramural basketball. Roberts dream job is to become the GM of the Atlanta Braves, and help bring a championship to the city of Atlanta.

Major: Marketing/Advertising

Clef superlative: Most athletic (“anyone can challenge me, bring it on”)


Patrick Dow (President and Spring Tour Manager)

Known for his immaculate dress sense, love of tea, and consistent use of the word “pardon” – Patrick embodies the meaning of an Englishman in America. The lesser known Patrick Dow is most often spotted playing squash, humming opera or just being foreign.

Major: Music (Voice)

Clef superlative: Most foreign


Jabril Rice (Concert Manager and Spring Tour Manager)

Jabril Rice is from the lovely but districted place of Greensboro, NC where he lives with his grandmother and Wonder Bread white dog, Tuff. You can usually find him 8,000 miles away somewhere in East Asia or throwing down the hammer on UNC Student Honor Court. An avid Beyoncé fanatic, if one note of her awe-inspring songs is played, you can expect him to cut that rug to pieces. He also enjoys a rare piece of cheesecake.

Majors: Economics (Minor in Entrepreneurship)

Clef superlative: Most likely to be a meme


Alec Selnes (Treasurer)

As a North Dakota native, Alec is thrilled to have flown South for the winter to UNC as a fourth-year transfer student this year. When  he isn’t juggling Clefs, school, and naps, you can usually find Alec at the nearest karaoke bar or Chipotle (“yes, I know guac is extra.”)

Major: Business

Clef superlative: First ever Clef from North Dakota



Eric Long (Assistant Music Director)

Eric is a self-proclaimed music nerd from Burlington, NC.  Aside from making music, he is interested in exploring the world and meeting as many new people as he can along the way. Eric loves all kinds of music, but some of his favorite performers include Bruno Mars, The Weeknd, and Aloe Blacc.

Majors: Undecided

Clef superlative: Best eurocut 


Wesley Price

Born and raised in Washington, DC, Wesley ventured south for college at Chapel Hill. If he’s not singing, he can be found writing curriculums, working in a lab, or trying to break his compulsive habit of checking the Washington Post every 25 minutes. Hit him up with music recommendations–from Bach to Kanye, Ella to Frank Turner, he’s always on the lookout for a new music binge. When he grows up, Wesley wants to understand why the alphabet is in that order.

Majors: Biology and Political Science

Clef superlative: Most likely to come to practice in a suit


Jared Weber

Though he hails originally from The Bull City (Durham), Jared grew up mostly in Chapel Thrill (Chapel Hill). When he’s not busy making music with the Clefs, he’s usually either writing for The Daily Tar Heel, petting several corgis in the quad or getting too much satisfaction out of beating middle schoolers in one-on-one basketball at the YMCA. His music interests include mostly just Jon Bellion, and one day Jared hopes to become Jon Bellion.

Majors: Journalism and Hispanic Linguistics

Clef superlative: Most likely to sing “Marlins Will Soar”



Cole Covington

Cole D. Covington spent his youthful years living in the village of Clemmons just outside of Winston-Salem, NC. His hobbies are knitting, making collages, and playing the GameCube. Special talents include: dunking on a 7 foot basketball rim, and pressure washing. Cole is mightily enjoying for his first year as a Clef.

Major: Music (Voice)

Clef superlative: Shortest new guy


Silas Nuernberger (Web Director)

Silas is from Durham, but has been a Tar Heel his whole life. His first name means “Man of the Forest” and one day, Silas hopes to truly live up to this. When he’s not singing with the Clefs or telling people about how tall he is, you can often find him absolutely nailing expert songs on Guitar Hero.

Major: Undecided

Clef superlative: Best Clef at Fortnite 


Bram Raets (Publicity Director)

Born in the ever dreary south of London, Bram moved to America with a passion for music, starting as a soprano and eventually taking the path of puberty to become a bass for the Clefs. His musical tastes include Bastille, Blackbear and Jon Bellion. And, although he is 6’5″, he is quite possibly the worst basketball player in existence.

Major: Pre-Business

Clef superlative: Most likely to speak in Flemish


Jordon Reynolds (Business Manager)

After being born in Raleigh, Jordon moved five times before realizing his heart never left North Carolina. His wish to return to his roots brought him all the way to Chapel Hill, where he shares his #veganeats with his friends. Jordon loves backpacking, eating and working out. Although he ultimately hopes to climb Mount Everest, for now, he’s using the daily trek from Hinton James as training.

Major: Undecided

Clef superlative: Most vegan